Fatima will NOT be in session Friday, April 19 and Monday, April 22. The last day of school will now be Tuesday, May 21 with an 11:20 Dismissal.

High School Faculty and Staff

Listed below are Fatima High School and Junior High faculty and staff. The phone number is (573) 455-2375.

Name Title Extension E-Mail
Jeff Buthod Principal 111 buthodj@fatimacomets.org
Mitch Gier Assistant Principal 109 gierm@fatimacomets.org
Donna Mueller High School Counselor 118 muellerd@fatimacomets.org
Merci McKinney Junior High Counselor 119 mckinneym@fatimacomets.org
Judy Eichholz High School Secretary 113 eichholzj@fatimacomets.org
Jill Peters High School Secretary 114 petersj@fatimacomets.org
Kallie Helton Counselor's Secretary 115 heltonk@fatimacomets.org
Jeff Adamson Special Services 201 adamsonj@fatimacomets.org
Matt Baker English Teacher 259 bakerm@fatimacomets.org
JoAnna Baughman English Teacher 234 baughmanj@fatimacomets.org
Sharon Breese High School Librarian 146 breeses@fatimacomets.org
Marc Bridges Science Teacher 205 bridgesm@fatimacomets.org
Casey Bruce Math Teacher 206 brucec@fatimacomets.org
Andrea Brune Business Teacher 246 brunea@fatimacomets.org
Kary Brunnert English Teacher 204 brunnertk@fatimacomets.org
Alicia Corson-Peters Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor 171/208 corsona@fatimacomets.org
Breylee Evers Science Teacher 207 eversb@fatimacomets.org
Hunter Gomez History Teacher 258 gomezh@fatimacomets.org
Sharryn Hawkes Junior High Art Teacher 226 hawkess@fatimacomets.org
Charlotte Heckemeyer Business Teacher 215 heckemeyerc@fatimacomets.org
Stephanie Hoffmann Special Services 217 hoffmans@fatimacomets.org
Scott Kilgore PE Teacher 223 kilgores@fatimacomets.org
Stephanie Laux STRIVE (gifted) Teacher 248 lauxs@fatimacomets.org
Ryan Lewis Band/Choir Teacher 192 lewisr@fatimacomets.org
Erica Libbert FACS Teacher 229 libberte@fatimacomets.org
Haley Luebbering Math Teacher 221 luebberingh@fatimacomets.org
Kim Luebbert Math Teacher 230 luebbertk@fatimacomets.org
Levi Maxwell History Teacher 231 maxwelll@fatimacomets.org
Sophie Pardalos History Teacher 214 pardaloss@fatimacomets.org
Albert Rieke Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor 171/237 riekea@fatimacomets.org
Kathy Rolwes English Teacher 239 rolwesk@fatimacomets.org
Jordan Schaffer Special Services 243 schafferj@fatimacomets.org
Dana Scheppers PE Teacher 180/244 scheppersd@fatimacomets.org
Melanie Snodgrass English Teacher 260 snodgrassm@fatimacomets.org
Becky Steffen Math Teacher 249 steffenb@fatimacomets.org
Debbie Stegeman Spanish Teacher 250 stegemand@fatimacomets.org
Kris Stegeman Math Teacher 251 stegemank@fatimacomets.org
Kurt Strope Science Teacher 252 stropek@fatimacomets.org
Kim Temmen ISS/Study Skills Teacher 254/177 temmenk@fatimacomets.org
Veit, Rachel Special Services PE Teacher 256 veitr@fatimacomets.org
Sonya Walker Art Teacher 257 walkers@fatimacomets.org
Ethan Williams PE/Science Teacher 222 williamse@fatimacomets.org
Nicole Wolfe Concert Choir/JH Music Teacher 232 wolfen@fatimacomets.org